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"Powerful course. Off the charts incredible. It's difficult to imagine how this course could be improved. I loved the class exactly as presented. I'll use the knowledge gained immediately, both personally and professionally. Steve's contribution to the class atmosphere was greatly appreciated.”

Nancy, Palm City, FL

"Absolutely the best. Excellent enthusiasm. Wonderful, giving energy. It was good to learn to help others regain balance. I will use this tool in practice and with family and friends. This was by far the best course I've taken for massage therapy. Thank you.”

Fran, Palm City, FL

"Instructor and teaching methods were superb. I will start using what I learned tomorrow. Only thing I didn't like was that the course ended. Keep up the good work.”

Thomas, Palm City, FL

"Profound and empowering. Dee's methods are great. A combination of group sharing and lecture. I loved the charts and the protocols for using them. I can use what I've learned immediately.”

Heather, Valrico, FL

"Fantastic job, Dee. I really enjoyed the class and look forward to future classes with you. You bring an energy that is so loving and grateful to the class. And thank you Steve for being the left brain behind the classes.”

Brenda, Palm Beach, FL

"Dee and Steve are kind, positive and have a cooperative interaction with the students. The most practical thing I learned was how to find corrections quickly, anytime, anyplace.  It was fascinating. I am forever grateful.”

Abbie, Babson Park, FL

"Teaching methods were engaging and effective. The methodical, hands on application to discover the source of the symptoms was the most practical thing I learned. Great class.”

Susan, Lakeland, FL

"Muscle Testing Made Easy was the most practical part of the course. I wouldn't change a thing. Great presentation. I want more.”

Pamela, Port Richie, FL

"This was a powerful, life changing course. I will use what I learned every day.”

Alicia, Sarasota, FL

"The classroom environment was filled with energy. Teaching methods using demonstrations were easy to understand and learn. This is information I can use.”

Ellen, Nokomis, FL

"Awesome Course. I loved it. The pace was excellent. The best thing learned was how to strengthen and weaken muscles to balance the body. It was terrific. I'll start using this tomorrow on my clients.”

Domenick, Sarasota, FL

"Fun course with lots of energy. Dee and Steve are a great team. The only bad thing about the class was that it was over. I'm looking forward to taking more classes.”

Doreen, Sarasota, FL

"I was very satisfied with the course. It has had a great impact and has surpassed my expectations.”

Circe, Sarasota, FL

"Exciting and informative course. Dee was sensational. Learning to diagnose problems and then to fix them was the most practical thing learned. The course content was great.”

Diane, Sun City Center, FL

"WOW! Course was as valuable as it was dynamic. Dee was very knowledgeable and exciting to be around. I liked the whole course. Balances and muscle checks were easy to learn. Dee and Steve are outstanding.”

Connie, Wheatland, Wyoming

"Informative, positive and inspiring. The course surpassed my expectations.”

Blaise, Hollywood, FL

"This course certainly surpassed my expectations. It was wonderful and energetic. The classroom environment was comfortable and the content was enlightening. I'll use what I learned immediately with my practice. This course was awesome! Highly recommended.”

Holly, Delray Beach, FL

"Great, Great, Great. Spiritual and practical. Class was therapeutic and knowledgeable. I loved everything.”

Melissa, Ft. Myres, FL

"This was a very valuable learning experience. The course was very easy to follow and the classroom environment was friendly. I most liked learning the ability to manipulate muscle and mind with little effort. It works. Many thanks to Dee and Steve. Great Job.”

Dohl, Naples FL

"Awesome and enlightening course. It has had a great impact on me. I will use what I've learned every day. ”

Joanna, Ft. Myres, FL

"An insightful, expanding and releasing experience. One of the best CEU classes I've attended. I am very satisfied.”

Sally, Ft. Myres, FL

"This course was a life changing experience. A 360 degree difference from my first TFH class. I especially liked the real life experiences of classmates and instructor. Great to use a massage table in class. Loved it. Can't wait for more.”

Julie, Cape Coral, FL

"The class was liberating. I learned so much. And it was fun. Great class.”

Robin, Cape Coral, FL

"A very interesting course. Dee was great. Very relaxed and down-to-earth. Real. I most liked the muscle testing. I thought the nutritional support was very relevant.”

Fran, Port St. Lucie, FL

"This was an awesome class.”

Joann, Tarpon Springs, FL

"Delightfully inspiring. It had a very great impact. I loved everything.”

Agnes, New Port Richie, FL

"I loved this class. Dee, you are a great teacher and I loved experiencing Emotional Soma. Thank you.”

Tina, Bradenton, FL

"Instructor and teaching methods were great. The interaction in the class was very good. The class surpassed my expectations.”

Margaret, West Palm Beach, FL

"Instructor and teaching methods were wonderful. I loved all of it. I'm very satisfied. It surpassed my expectations.”

Jeff, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class and will be able to use in in my personal life and my professional life.”

Jacquelyn, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The class was very encouraging. The teaching methods were appropriate to learning styles. I liked the releases I experienced. I feel confident in applying ESR info to help others achieve the releases they need.”

Jenna, Pinellas Park, FL

"An amazing, life changing course. It surpassed all of my expectations. Please come back to my area for more classes. I will recommend it to all of my friends.”

 Rachel, Delray Beach, FL

"Dee was very informative and the class had just enough testimonials.  Class was perfect.  A fun course and I wanted more.  I would suggest another day. ”

Tres, St. Petersburg, FL

"I liked how relaxed and open the classroom was.  Not rushed!  Hands on style and opportunity to practice was great.  One of my goals was to learn muscle testing and you helped me accomplish it.”

Anne, Palmetto, FL

"This was an informative, mind blowing course.  The instructor and teaching methods were excellent.  Classroom environment was comfortable and roomy.  I learned to understand the meridians better and the switches to turn on and off muscle strength.  I liked everything about the class.  The most practical and relevant things I learned were how quick muscle testing and balancing is, and how it can be used in conjunction with massage therapy.  I will use what I have learned to help my clients fell much better.”

Deborah, Tampa, FL

"Amazing, confidence building course. Teaching methods were great!  I liked being around nice, sincere, open people that share the same interests.  Great energy!”

Trine, Tampa, FL

"This course was validating, informative and fun.  Dee's instruction was clear and concise.  She was able to pull the information together in a solid training plan. The time we had to review the tests was helpful and gave me the confidence to apply this modality in my practice.”

Rob, St.Petersburg, FL

"Dee's class was awesome, interesting and inspirational.  I liked it all.  I will incorporate this into my practice.”

Jae, Clearwater, FL

"Dee is consistently enthusiastic in sharing her knowledge and making sure each student understands.  She is a fabulous, caring teacher.  Thank you for giving me more wisdom to heal my clients, family and friends from a deeply holistic level.”

Michelle, Sarasota, FL

"Great course.  Easy to follow and understand.  Looking forward to taking more classes with Dee.”

Sandra, Naples, FL

"An energizing, fun class.  Dee made everyone feel special.  I enjoyed "dancing" the muscles.”

Kerry, Bonita Springs, FL

"Thorough, informative, interesting.  Dee was easy to learn from.  We reviewed everything until I understood it.  It was good to incorporate physical movement  in addition to keeping my brain active.  I will probably start using what I've learned tomorrow.  I really enjoyed the class and loved Dee's enthusiasm and passion for her work.  I want to attend more classes in the future.”

JoAnn, Naples, FL

"Dee was great.  She kept the information exciting and fun.  I liked learning how to correct immediately.  There is so much to learn that you really have to continue with TFH 2 to get the full benefit.  ”

Christar, Ft. Myers, FL

"Magical course.  Instructor was excellent.  What I liked best was the instant gratification.  Muscle testing myself was the most practical and relevant.  I had a fantastic two days with Dee, learned a great deal and had lots of fun.”

Joni, Ft. Myres, FL

"Dee is the most amazing teacher.  I'll use this with my work at the spa.”

Kathleen, Bradenton, FL

"This was a vibrant, inspiring course.  I'll immediately start using what I learned on my co-workers, my husband and in my daily practice ”

Barbara, Englewood, FL

"Dee was the best instructor I've experienced so far.  The small class size was very personal.  I learned how to communicate with the body and will use this technique in my massage practice.  I look forward to TFH 2, 3, and 4.”

Randy, Bradenton, FL

"I was thrilled and energized by this course.  Dee is passionate about her work and kept the energy high.  I most liked the interplay or the spine, lymph, meridians etc.”

Kristen, Tampa, FL

"This was a life changing course.  Thank you Dee”

Dianne, Pompano Beach, FL

”This was a thoroughly exciting and useful course teaching practical applications.  I will definitely use the 14 point balance routine.  Some of the most practical things are how to clear fears, phobias and fantasms.  Dee's interest in her students came across immediately.”

Alison, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Dee was awesome.  All of it is practical and relevant. Dee and Steve are terrific.”

Michelle, Boca Raton, FL

"The methodology was detailed and repetitive enough to make sure everyone understood.  The most practical things learned were  about the body's energy, meridians, organ relations. This has been a very rich experience.”

Louisa, Miami, FL

"Everything I learned can be used in practical and personal ways.  This was a great class and I learned a lot.”

Denise, Lutz, FL

"This class surpassed my expectations.  I liked the hands-on experience best.”


Dee, Sarasota, FL

"The instructor and teaching methods were great!  I'll use what I learned all the time.”

Aneta, St. Petersburg, FL

"Dee is a fabulous teacher!  The in formation is fantastic.  I'll use what I've learned ASAP.”


Alison, Sarasota, FL

"This was an eye-opening class.  I liked the small class size.  I hope to incorporate this into my daily routine with all my clients.  Thank you for a wonderful class.”

Tammy, Tampa, FL

"I feel so blessed to have experienced this. Dee was awesome.”

Lisa, Gainesville, FL

“Fulfilling, rewarding, exciting and super informative!  A very rewarding, hands-on class.  Dee was great!  She made it easy.” 

Yvonne, Palmetto, FL

“Awsome!  It works!  Dee was a great instructor.  I will use this daily in my practice. This was a good hands-on course.”

Dee, Bradenton, FL

"Dee has lots of passion for her work.  What I likes most about the course is that it can help many people.”


Marion, Palmetto, FL

“I'm so excited to learn some new techniques which I will be able to use immediately in my business.  I know my clients will be totally blown away with this beautiful modality.”

BB, Miami FL

"Dee was an incredible instructor.  Very clear and made the information understandable.  The class made me more confident. I will start using these techniques tomorrow.  I look forward to taking more classes from Dee.”


Lynda, Palmetto FL

"Great instructor.  Methods work well.  I loved the review and reinforcement of concepts.  I will immediately use this.”

Carol, Sarasota FL

"Dee is always enjoyable and a wonderful teacher.  I especially enjoyed TFH 1 & 2.  The classroom environment was perfect.  Small and intimate. I will use what I've learned on my friends, family and clients.”

Rose, Marco Island FL

"I enjoyed the stories related to successful balancing.  The most practical thing learned was how to balance with the essential oils.  I'll use the information everyday both at work and personally.”

Paul, Sarasota FL

"Therapeutic course.  The instructor and material were excellent.  Learning about the meridian and balancing was very informative.”

Barbara, Boca Raton, FL

"Instructor and materials were very good.  I'll use what I've learned at work”

Claire, Bradenton FL

"I found this class and everything Dee said to be very interesting.  The class well exceeded my expectations.  I would love to take more classes with Dee.”

Kim, Loxahatchee, FL

"Dee was awesome!  I loved the demos and learned to be careful when tapping into 0ne's energy.”

Melanie, Tamarac, FL

“Dee is a dynamic instructor.  The course was well presented and easy to understand.  I am utilizing the material learned now with myself and in my practice.  Very enjoyable class on all levels.  I would recommend this class to all massage therapists.”

Myra, Port St. Lucie, FL

“Dee's relaxed teaching methods made the presentation of the information enjoyable.  Dee is delightful and caring.”

Lilian, Madeira Beach, FL

“This experience was motivating.  Now I have more tools for my tool box.”

Sandy, Coral Springs, FL

“Dee is a dynamic instructor.  The course was well presented and easy to understand.  I am utilizing the material learned now with myself and in my practice.  Very enjoyable class on all levels.  I would recommend this class to all massage therapists.”

Shannon, Seffner, FL

“This course is both fun and enlightening.  The classroom environment was relaxed and I didn't feel pressured.  I'll use the oils during massage and for balancing daily.”

Peggy, Miami, FL

“Creative course.  Dee was enthusiastic and very patient.  The material is easily integrated into the way I work.  I loved the review and reinforcement of concepts.  I will immediately use this.”


Carol, Miami, FL

“Interesting three dimensional course.  The most practical thing I learned was how to sense the yes/no response.  Thank you for a great day and for all your energy.”


Lynne, Miami, FL

“Dee was well informed and enthusiastic.  Application and insights for treatment were the most practical and relevant things learned.”

Dennis, Venice, FL

"This was a valuable course.  The course was presented in an professional, yet joyful way.  I found it all to be relevant and useful and will use it immediately.”

Cheryl, Redington Beach, FL

"Excellent, rewarding and informative.  Dee made learning fun, easy and comfortable. ”

David, Tampa, FL

"An awsome and informative course.  Time flew by in this workshop.  This was one of the most interesting in content and presentation.  I look forward to using the tools.  Thank you for the encouragement.  I loved the class.”

Rose, Naples, FL

"This was an enlightening course.  Most practical and relevant things were problem solving skills.  Great class!  ”

Marina, St. Pete Beach, FL

"Some of the specific techniques will be very useful.”

Steve, Hattiesburg, MS

"Exciting, informative and well presented.  This was eye opening information.  Dee is wonderful, talented and a fantastic teacher.  Very clear and concise.  Can't wait for TFH 2”

Allison, Sarasota, FL

"I was very satisfied with the course. I enjoyed using the oil and correcting element”

Cynthia, Centerville, MS

"Dee is wonderful.  She makes learning fun.  I liked kinesiology best.  This integrated with all of my work.  It gives new meaning and definition to the work I have been chosen to do.  I will use what I learned in my practice and in classes I teach.”

Phyllis, Vicksburg, MS

"Excellent teaching that was fun as well as informative.  Well demonstrated.  The only bad thing was when it was over.”

Barbara, Brandon, MS

"Dee did an outstanding job of meeting the needs of all of her students.  This was an energizing, life changing course.  It has made a very positive change in my life.  I would be proud to recommend this course to others.  I'll be using this with my clients just as soon as possible.  Great job!”

Thaddeus, Anahuac, TX

"Dee is a very caring, energetic instructor.  I was able to pull what I learned from TFH I & II to better understand.  Strengthening the dubak elements to balance all five elements was the most practical.  I enjoyed the meridian walking.  I'll probably use what I learned with my family and everyday life.”

Emily, Southaven, MS

"Powerful course.  It was enjoyable and insightful with a practical application.  Teaching methods were great.  Good enthusiasm, good info, good demonstration.”

Barbara, Gautier, MS

"Powerful course.  Dee is a warm, sensitive, listening expert.”

Sandra, MS

"I was very satisfied with this inspiring, hands-on course.”

Barbara, Memphis, TN

"The course surpassed my expectations.  It has opened me to new and exciting adventures.  Dee was very patient.  A fantastic teacher.  She really knows what she's doing.  I was impressed that the clients heal themselves and tell you what needs to be corrected.”

Rita, Jackson, MS

"This course was God sent, a blessing.  Dee was wonderful, and such a great spirit.  The most practical thing learned was how to get more in tune with your subconscious body.  I'll start using what I learned as soon as I get home.”

BJ, Pearl, MS

"An uplifting, educational experience.  Dee is always pleasant and easy to communicate with about any question, large or small.  I especially liked the 14 point testing and the second more in depth set of muscle work.  I'll use what I learned as soon as I get home.”

Trisha, Jackson, MS

"Exciting and useful course.  I just wish it was longer.  Keep on teaching, Dee.”

Heather, Jackson, MS

"Amazing course.  Dee is a great, enthusiastic instructor.  I most likes seeing the amazed reactions when problems wee found.  I love Dee's classes”

Brenda, Batesville, MS

"WOW!  Dee is such an exceptional instructor.  I hope to take all the classes she offers.  The more she teaches, the more I want to learn.  The course was inspiring.”

Vickie, Hollandale, MS

"A fun course and classroom environment.  Now I can do more to help people.  I'll use what I learned to help people everyday. I love this class.”

Randy, Batesville, MS

"Oils can and do have a quick response to problems”

James, Monticello, MS

"Great new experience!   I enjoyed it all.  Dee is knowledgeable and kept my attention”

Karen, Meridian, MS

"This was a mind opening course.  Dee is wonderful.  The environment was open and comfortable.  " 

John, Brandon, MS

"The course was inspiring, uplifting!  Dee makes sure that everyone understands the process.”

Mignom, Jackson, MS

"A wonderful course.  Understanding balance from oils was the best.  And learning the easy muscle test was the most practical and relevant thing I learned.  I'd like to take more classes with Dee.”

Joy, Hernando, MS

"This course was awesome!  The instructor and teaching methods were the best.  I will always use what I've learned in my practice and in my life.”

Jae, Clearwater, FL

"Thank you for an eye opening and inspirational course.  Dee's hands on approach was great.  Great class.  I'm looking forward to using it and learning more.”

Linda, Palm Harbor, FL

"I want to thank Dee for her insight, sense of humor and sensitivity.  I look forward to practicing Touch for Health as well as continuing my education in this wonderful area of therapy.”

Julie, Seminole/Largo, FL

"This course is taking me to a new level of expertise and knowledge.  I will be using what I've learned on my clients this week."

Susan, St. Petersburg, FL

"Absolutely amazing!  I especially liked balancing and goal setting.  Dee made it fun and instructional.  This will be useful today, tomorrow, the day after, and always.  I loved the small class size.”

Maryanne, Melrose, FL

"This was a mind-opening course.  Dee's teaching was excellent.  I will use what I learned daily.”

Dawn, Gainesville, FL

"What a fascinating course.  I felt a lot of caring and respect.  Using this can really, really help people and change their lives.  Just one day of the workshop completely changed my energy after doing the 14 muscle balance.  I can't wait to show this to others.”

Annalisa, Gainesville, FL

"The class and teacher were great.  Dee's very energetic and enthusiastic.  I learned things on so many levels.”

Tina, Delray Beach, FL

“The course was challenging and exciting.  All of it was practical and relevant.”

Bruce, Wellington, FL

“I personally liked Dee's energetic style of teaching.  Balancing the body was most relevant. I like the ability to balance the body before working on it.”

Linda, Wellington, FL

“The course was exciting and very effective.  I will incorporate what I learned in my massage practice this week.”

Deidre, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Dee is enlightening.  One of the most interesting classes I've taken.”

Ila, Vero Beach, FL

“Dee is great fun.  The class was informative, clear and knowledgeable.  I look forward to utilizing these techniques with my clients”

Susan, Stuart, FL

“Great course.  Most enjoyable class in my 20 years.  Well done.”

Gale, Port Richey, FL

“Fun and informative.  Dee really knew what she was talking about.  How easy it was to balance the body.  I enjoyed every minute of our time together!”

Marian, Palmetto, FL

“Wonderful course!  Very professional.”

Stella, Naples, FL

"The course was very thorough  I think the most practical thing I learned was muscle testing for health problems.  I will use what I learned daily with my clients.”


Linda, Gainesville, FL

"Dee was such a delight.  She made the class fun and easy to follow.  Her vibrant energy was contagious.  I'll use what I learned on everybody I know.”


Marlene, Gainesville, FL

"This was an inspiring course.  Dee was easy, engaging and playful.  I enjoyed the hands-on demonstrations best.  The most practical thing I learned is how accessible we are.  I'll use this on myself and my clients.”


Joan, Margate,FL

“I have been a massage therapist 20 years. My right hand was so contracted I thought I would have to quit. I was thrilled to feel it completely release after diffusing an emotion. I am a believer!”


Barbara, Mississippi

“It was amazing to feel all the weak muscles strengthen just using one bio-energy oil”


Lynn, Mississippi

“I loved seeing how smart my body really is and knowing what I need to make it function at it’s best”


   Crystal, Florida

“This is very useful and everyone should learn about it”


Melanie, Florida

“Awesome! It was the best workshop and Dee is the best ever instructor!”


Robin, Florida