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Instructional Materials

Touch for Health: The Complete Edition (released Nov. 2005) by Dr. John Thie - $45.95
This is a complete revision and expansion of the fundamental text of Energy Kinesiology. Includes complete International Kinesiology College curriculum, plus Dr. Thie�s developments from 1990-2005. Integrates Metaphors of Muscles, Meridians and the Five Elements. With over a million copies in print since 1973, �Touch for Health� started a phenomenon that has flourished worldwide and contributed to the emerging profession of Energy Kinesiology. TFH has been taught in over 100 countries and 23 languages to help balance Posture, Attitude and Vital Energy to develop Wellness, Health Maintenance, Prevention, Relief from Stress, Aches & Pains and enjoyment of vibrant health.

Large Portfolio - $35.95
The folio presents the essence of Touch for Health in a quick reference format and booklet form. It flips open for easy viewing (9" x 12"). 18 pages

Pocket folio - $29.95
Small version of the 12x9 folio, it measures 4.5 x 6.5 inches. This does not have the small squares illustrating muscle locations and directions.

TFH Pocketbook with 5 Element Metaphors by Dr. John Thie and Matthew Thie,M.Ed.  - $19.95
Dr. Thie's approach to using the Chinese 5-Element Metaphors for Balancing Energy and exploring meaning related to goals, symptoms, and energy patterns. (4.5 x 6.5 inches) Fits in your pocket. Does not replace your TFH manual, but supplements and expands on the concepts and techniques in the basic manual.

eTouch for Health - $119.00
The eTouch for Health software is a comprehensive tool for learning, practicing and teaching the popular Touch for Health energy kinesiology protocols.
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The searchable Reference contains the complete content of Touch for Health - the Complete Edition, by Dr. John Thie and Matthew Thie,
plus many additional features available only on the computer:

� Easy-to-use interactive interface
� Digital movies of muscle tests
� Extensive collection of charts and illustrations
� Searchable reference
� Personal Records
� Testing/balancing session creation
� Results recording
� Session archival
� Reports
� Hot links between relevant information

Available for Macintosh OS X, Macintosh Classic and Windows.


Touch for Health Reference Chart - $35.95
43" x 29" colorful wall chart serves as a Touch for Health at a glance reference. It is fully color coded with balancing techniques, test points, strengthening points, muscle guide, nutrition information and easy to read reference to the Touch for Health manual. It is an attractive, convenient and valuable time-saving tool to facilitate the use of Touch for Health. A must for all professional practitioners.

Midday/Midnight Law of 5 Elements Chart - $29.95
Contains full-color illustrations of the meridian energy pathway in a 24-hour cycle, plus the seasonal/life cycle energy flows according to the Law of the Five Elements. Laminated, 32x 24.

Meridian Acupuncture Chart - $29.95
Acupuncture points are clearly illustrated following traditional oriental design.  Information needed to use with TFH/Kinesiology, Meridian Therapy, and Acupuncture practitioners. Laminated, 35 x 24.

Assessment/Metaphor Chart both sides - $15.00
Two-sided chart with Midday/Midnight Law and the Law of Five Elements and 111 Five Elements, Organ Function and Muscle Metaphor questions are on the reverse side. Compact 11 x 17 inches, laminated.

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